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Help Tanglewood Name Our Robots!

Maybe you've seen them around the resort... Tanglewood has an increasing number of robots moving around our facility. And with these new additions come a new problem, namely what to CALL THEM! And this is where you can help. We're looking for some clever names for our new mechanical buddies -- and from now until the new year, we're taking suggestions!  Submit your naming suggestions below. Top 3 Runners up will receive a FREE DESSERT or APPETIZER from the Lakeside Restaurant (limit $15), and Winners will receive a FREE MEAL from our Lakeside Restaurant! (limit $25). There's no limit to entries, so put your creative thinking caps on and enter your best entries. Who knows. you can help a robot in need and get a meal in the process!



Zipping up and down the hallways, this little robot has the capability of both mopping and vacuuming carpets, tile, and wooden floors. You can catch this robot quietly going about his business in many of the common areas of the hotel.

See the robot in action here:


This robot holds food behind its locked door while running the latest orders to various locations around the resort. It can text the users when it's arrived, as well as take elevators! Look for this robot to be making room calls in the near future. 

See the robot in action here:

RobotPic2 (1).jpg


You've seen this robot bringing your orders out at the Lakeside Restaurant, and you can look for a twin to be taking your dirty dishes back to the kitchen very soon! And they best part is this robot does it always with a smile on its face!

See the robot in action here:

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